“The Pleasure of Four Seasons,” Playing Cards

販売価格 1,980円(税込)
在庫状況 残り 29 個

Would you like a journey to rotate seasons with playing cards?

This is the reprinted edition of a work of Sumio Kawakami, a Japanese woodblock artist, made in 1960.
His sensitivity toward the changes of the seasons is brilliant.
Each suit is assigned four seasons; for example, clubs are spring, diamonds are summer,
hearts are fall, and spades are winter.
Moreover, each number is assigned motifs too; for example, there are fruits on the card numbered 7,
so diamond suit (summer) has bright red water melons, and hearts suit (fall) has persimmons.
It’s certainly that you enjoy the passage of seasons when you play sevens.
These playing cards make us feel nostalgic for the seasons which are the root of a Japanese sense of beauty.

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“The Pleasure of Four Seasons,” Playing Cards
Name: Pictures for Playing Cards by Sumio Kawakami
Price: 1,800JPY (without tax)
JAN code: 4957769010299
Contents: 54 cards (2 jokers are included)
Material: case= paper, cards= paper
The dimension of the packing case is as follows:H25mm × W80mm × L124mm
Weight: 123g (NET)
The dimension of the card is as follows:W 63mm × L 89mm