ZOO PARK 〜Picture Matching of Animals〜

販売価格 1,078円(税込)
在庫状況 残り 30 個

 ZOO PARK is loved by everyone for long years.

This is the game to complete the set of animal cards divided into 3 parts: head, trunk, and rump.
You can learn the figure and the name of animals while enjoying this game.
There are 30 kinds of popular animals such as pandas, koalas, polar bears, and the like.
The reason why this is named “ZOO PARK” is that it makes you feel as if you were in the zoo
because animals are painted with realistic brushwork.

The rule to enjoy this game such as “you must say ‘Thank you.’ to your friends
when you receive a card by your friend,” will be mastered naturally. Moreover, it is often said
that memory game is not only for children but also for elderly people as stimulation of brain or
forgetfulness prevention.

Because of the simplicity of contents, ZOO PARK is loved by everyone for long years.

How to play Data
The same process to play the memory game;
(1) Shuffle the cards, then spread and reverse them out on the table.

(2) Decide the order, and start into turn over 3 cards one by one.
If the 3 cards are complete set of animal, you can get them and continue to turn over until you mistake.

(3) If you can’t make complete set, put them back and then next player’s turn,
The player who made the most animals is winner.
*This memory game needs at least 2 players.

ZOO PARK 〜Picture matching of animals〜
Price: 980JPY (without tax)
JAN code: 4957769009361
Contents: 90 cards (each has 30 cards for head part, trunk part, and rump part)
Material of this product: card= card board, case=paper
The dimension of the packing case is as follows:H36mm×W163mm×L126mm
Weight: 330g (NET)
The dimension of the card is as follows:W47mm×L107mm
Age: elder than 3-year-old