Edo-Iroha Karuta

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在庫状況 残り 29 個

Let’s play and learn the ABC of Japanese proverbs!

Edo-iroha karuta was born in the latter period of Edo. “Kamigata-iroha karuta” came into earlier than Edo-iroha karuta, but as a result of the remarkable diffusion, Edo-iroha karuta became widely known across the country in latter period of Meiji.

Because this karuta starts from a proverb, “inu mo arukeba bou ni ataru (anybody who tries to do something runs the risk of failing),” it is also called “inu-bou karuta,” and today speaking of iroha karuta, it indicates that inu-bou karuta.

Proverbs are put wisdom for living and teaching, and karuta can learn such proverbs while playing! If you play “Kyo-iroha karuta,” the collection of proverbs in Osaka-Kyoto area at the same time, you can compare the cultural gaps between Edo and Kyoto.

In the box, there is an explanation card written by Masamizu Tokita, the researcher of proverbs and karuta and the author of “Dictionary of Proverbs by Iwanami.” English explanation is given too, so this is suitable for souvenir.

Reading cards are used hiragana, so children can play karuta with light heart. Cards are made with thick paper, so it will endure well. Pretty ume flower patterns are inlaid on the back side of the cards.

How to play Data
Similar to the ordinary karuta cards;
Lay out taking cards and decide one person to read aloud the reading cards.
When the reader reads a card, players grab a corresponding taking card.
The player who got most cards at the end of the game is winner.
In addition to this, the association game to guess a proverb that taking card recall is available.

Edo-iroha karuta
Price: 2,00JPY (without tax)
JAN code: 4957769009590
Contents: 96 cards (48 cards for taking cards and reading cards)
Material: case= paper, cards= paper
The dimension of the packing case is as follows:H34mm × W132mm × L172mm
Weight: 555g (NET)
The dimension of the card is as follows:W 60mm × L 80mm