Karuta of Japanese Proverbs

販売価格 836円(税込)
在庫状況 残り 28 個

Because there are filled with humorous proverbs, you would use proverbs after playing this immediately for certain!

Similar to the sister product “inu-bou karuta,”
there are meaning of proverbs on the cards however, this is rather for senior pupils because it contains kanji.
Proverbs in this karuta are from familiar one like “neko ni koban (to cast pearls before swine)” to unfamiliar one like “nusubito wo mite nawa wo nau (lick the door after the horse is stolen)”.
Retro-style pictures on the taking cards are something humorous and delightful to watch!

How to play Data
Similar to the ordinary karuta cards;
Similar to the ordinary karuta cards;
Lay out taking cards and decide one person to read aloud the reading cards.
When the reader reads a card, players grab a corresponding taking card.
The player who got most cards at the end of the game is winner.
In addition to this, the association game to guess a proverb that taking card recall is available.

Karuta of Japanese Proverbs
Price: 760JPY (without tax)
JAN code: 4957769010510
Contents: 45 cards for taking cards and reading cards
Material: case= paper, cards= paper The dimension of the packing case is as follows:H32mm × W140mm × L180mm
Weight: 290g (NET)
The dimension of the card is as follows:W 60mm × L 80mm