Ogoola Hyakuninisshu English Translated Karuta

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Popular since 2016. Now, you can play karuta like Chihaya!

This English karuta uses the 100 original Japanese poems used for competitive karuta (Ogura Hyakuninisshu). Written from 7th until the 13th century, selected by Fujiwara no Sadaie-Teika (1235) and translated into English by Clay MacCauley (1917).

The poems used in this karuta are translated in the original 5-7-5-7-7 syllables form of the waka. This means you can read - or sing - the poems aloud, keeping the original meter, rhythm and melody like Japanese players have done for 400 years. This karuta has a free reader app called Hyakuninisshu EN which you can use as a companion app to this game.

The cards have the original Japanese illustrations from Shogundo printed on one side and the English translation on the other side, so you can play it in both languages. Playing Hyakuninisshu English Translated Karuta is a wonderful way to practice and learn about Japanese history and spirit.

あそびかた 商品データ
Karuta is about listening and being fast! A part of what is being read exists on a card which is placed somewhere in front of you. Be the first to take that card to win!

There are several ways to play.
1. Spread out and grab
2. Genpei Gassen
3. Competitve Karuta
Please read the Instruction and rules sheet in the game for detailed information.

Ogoola Hyakuninisshu English Translated Karuta
Price: 4200JPY (without tax)
Contents: 100 Reading cards, 100 Playing cards, Instruction and rules sheet
Material: Box and cards are made in cardboard (=paper)
Packaging size: 43x117x172 mm
Card size: 70x100 mm
Weight: 530 g
Free Reader App available.